Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Sooo as many of us know White Party was just in Palm Springs and boi was it fun!! I just went one day sunday lets just call it a day trip. :) It was amazing!!!! So my trip started at 9 am. with four of my very dear friends Cindy, Bryan and a few more... As we pulled up to a local Albertsons I saw My Friend Jarred coming out whit 2 Miller High Life forty's and some other crap. We drove up pit stopped for gas right after the mountain pass, and stocked up on Jager, vodka, and Patron!! Before we knew it we were off with Palm Springs in sight. We pulled up to the ever so swanky Travel Lodge Hotel (LOL) with friends waiting pool side. I had no choice but to put on my tiny bathing suit and join them!!! We went to the pool party at the Renaissance Hotel where to my surprise there were pictures of ME!!! A while back I had shoot at the Roosevelt Hotel in LA. Well they used them for white party promos. After the pool party we had a break I met a boi and hung out for a bit with him then we were off to the Closing Party. Which was like storm and kicked my ass. I hung out with some fierce bitches and left with a different boi a better boi which Im still chatting with today sooo lets see where it goes.   Here are some pics from this weekend! ( there will be more to come! ) Enjoy!!!

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