Sunday, July 24, 2011


SD Pride was this past weekend and WOW was it good!!!
Here are some pics from the weekend not many course well i was drunk lol. 

So this is my wonderful group of friends i was with this past week end left to right they are:
Shaun, Myself, Steven, Derek and Kristin the to on the right end are the HillCrest King and Queen! you can also see them in this Hilarious video from Jessica and Hunter Viral  Celebs! 

The pic on the right is the Fabulous Boat that swept us off into the drunken seas :) 
The event was an event produced by my good friend Michael Mack!

Here are some pics from the boat!

And my roommate Jay :) Below 

Friday, June 17, 2011


2011 Grabbys!

Hey every one so i know it has been a long time since I have blogged but many things have been going on so lets play catch up :)

So I went to Chicago and it was GREAT!!! I stay @ the Swiss next to IML's host hotel.
That was crazy!!!

I have here some pics form my trip. Some pics I took and others were taken by good friend and blogger Laura of
First the vid I took  of the awards and the banter and a pic of the view from my room then some explanation and more pics. *caution some pics not for the faint of heart lol :)

ok so these are from the awards and are from  face book tags and the last ones are well....

of course good friend Bobby Knight and pals 

ugh Dementia you got paint on my face lol

And now for me sounding thats right lol Thanx Laura for the pics visit her site to see more crazy pics!!!

lol ok wait these pics first


Ok here they are TRUST me it feels GREAT!! 

thats lube on my shirt lol 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

CyberSocket Awards Re-Cap (Better Late then Never)

  Sooooo awards season is here and no not the ones your parents watch ( or do they?) I had a chance to get to be a presenter at this years CyberSocket Awards. where there were sluts and drag queens oh a a bunch of porn stars. hear are some pics of me from all over the great porn world we live in. Also an interview that really doesnt prove much other than I should not be ask serious ?'s about my life while drinking. (mostly in part to my blow it off with humor attitude that got me no where.) so enjoy and lets hope my blog wont get deleted again lol.  Here is my interview with The sword. The following pics I was able to get from my good friends Joe @ and thanks for the pics every one lord knows  had no room for anything in my chaps lol. Followed by all the winners
*note Im in the best movie of the year! SWEET!!!!

Industry Choice: Affiliate Program
Industry Choice: Alternative Billing Company
Industry Choice: Billing Company
Industry Choice: Business Person of the Year
Gary Jackson,
Industry Choice: Company of the Year
Industry Choice: Content Provider
Industry Choice: Hosting Company
Industry Choice: Industry Magazine
Industry Choice: Live Cam
Industry Choice: White Label
Industry Choice: Video Company
Next Door Entertainment
Industry Choice: Webmaster Community
Cybersocket Wall of Fame/Award of Excellence
Michael Brandon
Surfer’s Choice: Best Amateur Video Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Amateur Webcam
Surfer’s Choice: Best Asian Theme Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Black Theme Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Escort Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best European Theme Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Fetish Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Free Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Hookup Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Latin Theme Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Live Cam
Surfer’s Choice: Best Massage Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Mega Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Mobile Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best New Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Novelties Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Original Content
Surfer’s Choice: Best Original Theme Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Personality
Chi Chi LaRue
Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Blog
Surfer’s Choice: Best Porn Star
Steve Cruz
Surfer’s Choice: Best Reality Site
Surfer’s Choice: Best Video Company
Lucas Entertainment
Surfer’s Choice: Best VOD Company
Surfer’s Choice: Best Voyeur Site
Surfer’s Choice: Movie of the Year
FUCK U (Rascal Video/Channel 1 Releasing)

Monday, September 13, 2010

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

****** !!!DAYTON DOES DALLAS!!! ******

(214) 526-6365
2514 Hudnall St
Dallas, TX 75235

** 17th-20th**

Hey guys and gals this month I will be at the TIN ROOM!!! Come join me and some of my favorite Porn Stars!! Including the amazing Ryan Raz and Jessie Santana!! There will be free giveaways and plenty of porn and booze!!! 

 "If you be not of the house of Montague come and crash a cup of wine." 

Also Come see me at the DRAMA ROOM!!! 

3851 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75219-4137(214) 443-6020