Sunday, July 24, 2011


SD Pride was this past weekend and WOW was it good!!!
Here are some pics from the weekend not many course well i was drunk lol. 

So this is my wonderful group of friends i was with this past week end left to right they are:
Shaun, Myself, Steven, Derek and Kristin the to on the right end are the HillCrest King and Queen! you can also see them in this Hilarious video from Jessica and Hunter Viral  Celebs! 

The pic on the right is the Fabulous Boat that swept us off into the drunken seas :) 
The event was an event produced by my good friend Michael Mack!

Here are some pics from the boat!

And my roommate Jay :) Below 


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  2. Hey why don't you add new picture galleries anymore? they're great! :)