Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Grabbys!

Hey every one so i know it has been a long time since I have blogged but many things have been going on so lets play catch up :)

So I went to Chicago and it was GREAT!!! I stay @ the Swiss next to IML's host hotel.
That was crazy!!!

I have here some pics form my trip. Some pics I took and others were taken by good friend and blogger Laura of
First the vid I took  of the awards and the banter and a pic of the view from my room then some explanation and more pics. *caution some pics not for the faint of heart lol :)

ok so these are from the awards and are from  face book tags and the last ones are well....

of course good friend Bobby Knight and pals 

ugh Dementia you got paint on my face lol

And now for me sounding thats right lol Thanx Laura for the pics visit her site to see more crazy pics!!!

lol ok wait these pics first


Ok here they are TRUST me it feels GREAT!! 

thats lube on my shirt lol 


  1. For real... doesn't that hurt at all? But the rest of your pics are great! ;) I mean all pics are great (honestly :) ) but the last 2 ones look very painful ^^'