Saturday, August 14, 2010

You Love Jack Watched Me Slap!

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Description: One look at this dominant little muscle twink's electric blue eyes and that perfect body and cock and I'm guessing he gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it!

Dayton spits all over his rock hard cock then slaps it against his hand so hard that he winces in pain as he grins with pleasure! He grunts and groans his way through fingering his asshole before blasting his face with a huge load that leaves him breathless and dripping with cum!

He double checks the camera to make sure he has the perfect shot before flopping back on the couch and grabbing his throbbing cock through the thick material of his blue jeans. His cock is rock hard and a fiendish grin slides across Dayton's face as he squeezes his cock hard. A little bit of pain and a whole lot of pleasure!

He pushes the jeans off and lets his boner pitch a tent in his green boxers before giving the rod a couple of strokes. He likes how that looks so he pulls the camera in for a close-up before slipping his cock out of the leg of his shorts.

His cock is cut and pushing 7.5 inches and already a glistening drop of precum is leaking from his piss slit. He holds that puppy up to the camera and grins again as he enjoys the show in the camera's LCD monitor. After a couple of tugs he loses the underwear along with his shirt and socks and finally he's naked. 

He kind of looks like a young DeNiro (think Taxi Driver...) but his perfect body is entirely out of this world. He sits back and lets the camera soak up his rock hard abs and pecs as he holds up his 7.5 inch cock and looks straight into the camera. His expression is screaming "Why don't you get on your knees and suck it!" and I'm sure you wouldn't refuse!

He pulls the camera back in for another close-up and while he's sitting up he leans over and let's a drools a mouthful of spit all over this rock hard cock head then smears it around. Nature's perfect lube does the trick, but he spits on his cock one more time for good measure before sitting back and using friction to his advantage.

Dayton makes himself comfortable and just enjoys the feeling, taking time to check himself out in the camera every once in a while but purely focussed on his own pleasure. Spit's one thing but he has a bottle of lube tucked away in the cushions of the sofa so he grabs that and pours about half the bottle on his cock and balls.

He massages the slippery liquid around his rock hard shaft and he can't help but let out a little moan as the ingredients in his recipe for pleasure come together in perfect unison. Now that he's covered in lube Dayton can't resist moving his hand towards his asshole.

First he just massages around the rim then shows off his little hole but eventually he drives a finger deep inside his ass. His expression is pure determination and a little bit angry as he forces his finger inside his body. Clearly this isn't somewhere Dayton normally goes but he's damn sure going to give a good show to the camera!

He pulls his finger out of his ass with a sense of relief and lets his legs fall before returning his attention to his still rock hard cock. He just sits back and slowly works his tool with nothing to prove and nobody to impress... Eventually the lube starts to dry out a bit and without sitting up he spits directly onto his cock and rubs it in. One more hork and he's good to go.

Dayton stretches out on the couch and makes himself comfortable as he works himself in the right direction. His body looks amazing as he stretches out with one hand behind his head while his free hand works its way up and down the full length of his 7.5 shaft. He sits up and adjusts the camera angle one more time then settles in for the final ride! 

In an instant his hand becomes a blur on his cock and his face turns bright red as he races towards his orgasm. Suddenly he freezes and gasps for air, jacks his cock a couple more times then freezes again. But this time the cum starts to fly!

The first shot is an enormous blast that traces its way high in the air before hitting him square on the face on it's way to coating the sofa and the wall behind him. Two more globs are pumped out of his nuts and coat his belly before he's done and collapses in a quivering panting mess. on the couch.

As soon as he recovers he reaches up and scoops up the cum that hit him square in the eye before hopping on his knees to show off the mess he made to the camera. His face, belly and hair are coated jizz and he makes sure the camera captures every detail before scooping up a big handful of the stuff and slurping into his mouth and swallowing it down. 
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