Saturday, February 27, 2010

MoRe MoViE$

Here is a quick look at some other movies i have been in along with my interpretation of the shoot. First is is Lotus a very "Zen" sex movie. My Scene partner was jessie Swift a cute, sweet, sweet boi. I had a great time on and off set with him and our fabulous Make up artist Bambi. Bambi was the once well know fellow PornStar Christian Cruz.

Some of the most rememberable parts of this shoot were off cam. All the chat from the lucky btm, saying how much he could take... HA ...( I made him hurt lol ) My photo shoot with Mick Hicks was wonderful he has a talent for catching the color and light in his backgrounds while making the model feel comfortable and at ease.... Two thumbs up for me you can check out his blog at The link will take you to his blog and most importantly the lotus section of it.

blue-eyed Dayton O’Connor and blond bombshell Jesse Swift. Jesse’s entrance is as good as I’ve ever seen anyone get in a porn video, walking past the camera with a full erection as he approaches the swimming pool that separates the two. They swap blowjobs, both as hard as rocks, and then Jesse reclines for a sensual, deep tongue-fuck from Dayton. Jesse’s tight, smooth ass is open and ready when Dayton sinks his cock in, but his mewling cries as he’s being initially penetrated show that he isn’t quite prepared for what Dayton has to offer. Dayton offers up encouraging kisses to smooth the way, and soon Jesse is riding his cock with no problems. They end with Jesse and Dayton stroking out loads that end up dripping off Jesse’s smooth, sculpted chest and belly.

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