Saturday, February 27, 2010

What a HOT HOT HOT movie shoot.

Synopsis: "Playing with Fire: 4 Alarm" is the fourth installment in director Chi Chi LaRue’s chart topping series and superstar Matthew Rush’s first ever movie for Channel 1 Releasing. Studio exclusives Johnny Hazzard and Mitchell Rock along with newcomers Drew Cutler and Landon Conrad are among the firefighters whipping their hoses out in this, the most scorching of the series yet!

My set: Had two of the hottest guys our Fabulous Chi Chi LaRue has to offer. ( or at least i think so both Johnny Hazzard and Alessio Romero are what I call "Studs". Shooting with them was more than a pleasure. We ended the shoot with a piss fest and Alessio catches some in his month which to me is the hottest thing a real man can do.

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