Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dayton Enrolls in ASU!!!


So for my newest shoot which I'm still currently shooting. I had received a call from well know adult film Super Star Jeremy Hall of Clubjeremyhall.com Click here to see his award winning site!

Soooo anyway this trip is 12 days long count um boys 12 in  Vegas!!! I have had the chance to top so far and mind you, this is the 5th of the shoot with 7 days to go and i have already fucked all boys in the house but one not counting Jeremy. Some of the guys include Krys Perez who played Edmund in Twinklight, Zack Alexander who I have had the plesure of working with in a HotHouse.com movie called Trust Me I'm A Doctor  and introducing Ayden Anderson who is new to the game. 
The style of this shoot is amateur but don't let that fool you this new site he is working on is amazing!!! Watching it you can just feel the energy, with bits of natural humor thrown in, it's as if we all are brothers in a frat at ASU. Although there is not a stitch of ASU anything anywhere. We are certainly making up for it some of these guys get pounded lie a mallard duck!!! Hell one of the guys i fucked so hard I put his ass under construction. Here is a pic of guys here on top a mountain in vegas sooooo much fun!!!


  1. Hello! I was wondering if you were seriously enrolling at ASU cuz that would be cool!