Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sneak a Peek at this MY UnZipped Interview

So I recently got a call from Zachary Sire of the wonderful Unzipped.net. He called to ask me a few ?'s and to chat with me about a Recent shoot i did and more so he is just a peak of the questions he asked and to view the rest of the interview your going to have to follow along for an update!!!
Do people recognize you when you¹re out and about? 
I do get fans coming up to me recently because of A4A and ManHunt but I do have some other fans that have been following my career and it is really great to know that they enjoy my perversions lol But really it is just a great opportunity to meet them I hope more ppl recognize me only because I dont want to turn out or have them get the impression that im a snob because im not... a poor family brings a humble characteristic to me.

When/how did you start working in the industry? 
Well it was six years ago I was attending college in Lancaster PA and at the time Myspace was really big sooooooo like everyone else in PCAD ( My college ) I set up an account and one day I was approached to do "modeling" well long story short SeanCody.com got me... I did some work with them then they moved me to San Diego!!

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