Friday, April 30, 2010

Unzipped Interview Out Already!!!

Dayton O'Connor's Favorite Food? Gummi Bears

Hey everyone my Unzipped Interview is up!!! Here is the Published preview below. ENJOY!!!

Dayton O'Connor's Favorite Food? Gummi Bears

I always knew Dayton O'Connor had a big dick and could fuck like a pro, but who knew he was so funny? His new Unzipped interview will hopefully make you laugh, and his new Unzipped photo gallery will definitely make you hard. Perfect combo.
Read what kind of man Dayton is looking for and why he wants to fuck Adam Killian so bad, and, of course, see his complete photo gallery on Unzipped Premium. Preview below...
Dayton, do people recognize you when you’re out and about?
I do get fans coming up to me because of Adam4Adam and ManHunt, but I do have some other fans that have been following my career in movies, and it’s really great to know that they enjoy my perversions! LOL. But really, it’s just a great opportunity to meet them. I hope more people recognize me only because I love meeting people. I’m not some snob who tries to avoid that. Growing up in a poor family has made me very humble.

What’s something that turns you on during sex?
Spit. And any type of aggressive action. Woof!

Favorite body part/physical trait on yourself?
My penis and my eyes. Ha, cheesy but it's true.

What do you look for in a guy? What kind of personalities do you prefer?
Since I’m single, I’ve had a lot of time to narrow down the things I DON’T want in a man, and I’ve figured out what type of man I do want. The keyword being “man” here. They can’t have a purse falling out of their mouth every time they talk (not that I’m against it, but personally, it doesn't work for me). I personally am very attracted to older guys, normally the "diamond in the rough" kind of guy. I'm from a small town and I was always around the outdoors type of guy. So, I might have a bit of a daddy complex, but who wouldn't want some hot muscled guy being their bottom bitch!?
Favorite food?
Gummy Bears! Oh, and kiwis! Yummy!
More, on Unzipped Premium.

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